Massage is one of the most Ancient Forms of Healing, now use one of the most Ancient Remedies

Enjoy a massage with our new CBD Massage Oil! 

Now you can get all the benefits of one of the oldest know herbs to help heal and sooth your mind, body and spirit. Not only does a relaxing massage help relieve tension and stress, now Massage World can offer a way to help manage chronic pain, muscle stress relief and even psoriasis. Using a 99.7% purified CBD isolate from hemp, we can target specific areas of the body and skin irritations. Try our new CBD Massage Oil in a quiet, relaxing environment and see for yourself why this will be the only massage oil you’ll ever want to use.


A highly concentrated massage oil made with 99.7% purified CBD isolate from hemp  to manage relief of sore muscles.*  This calming massage oil uses chamomile infused grapeseed oil and calendula infused sweet almond oil in combination to make your massage both pain relieving and soothing.*  Packed with 200 milligrams of pure hemp cannabidiol isolate – try it once and you will never want to have a massage with anything else.  Your massage therapist will enjoy it as well, as it will soothe their hands as they work.

Many people have used CBD salves to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  The benefit of our salve is not only the presence of a highly concentrated form of hemp oil, but in the proprietary blend of calming essential oils and skin friendly ingredients we use. We have two formulas of salve – one mainly for pain relief and one for skin irritation.  Each contain purified hemp oil and have been formulated to provide our customers with exceptional remedies

The products we use will not give you any psychoactive effects because they contain zero THC and are applied topically.

World Health Group:
Pot’s CBD Has Health Benefits

After reviewing evidence from animal and human studies, the committee concludes that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”
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CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta on the Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Hear from someone “Who Is A Doctor” verify studies, treatments and recommendations from the latest CBD Studies. Watch the video.

Cannabiniods have gotten a bad reputation. Mostly from being confused with Marijuana. Yes they are the same genus, but many new studies are showing great advances in healing, textiles, fuel and even food. CBD Massage Oil has been helping people with joint pain, arthritis, skin diseases and muscle pain.